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Go-on Automotive Group. Find Products. Connect with a Vendor.

Go-on Automotive is a sales organization consisting of a group of private companies from several industries. Our strategic supplier network fulfills the requirements of global sourcing in terms of competitive manufacturing locations, specialized niche product supplies, and quality leadership of industrial goods and engineering services. Above all, our one-stop service, quick reaction, and reliable delivery are our most important assets.

We represent a number of specialized international companies that supply the automotive industry and the members of its supply-chain.  We look back on 15 years of experience in this specific field and have built up a strong network of contacts.  Our partners have extensive experience in the international export market and are investing heavily in capacity expansion, technological developments and quality improvements.

Go-on GmbH functions as an intermediary, not as an agent. Our task is to streamline the purchasing process and guarantee good service.  We have a network of contacts in the industry that allows us to source new suppliers or new processes in order to reduce cost.

Our complete portfolio can be reviewed here, please do not hesitate to send your inquiry!

Product Catalog

Our partners originally manufacture the products in our catalog.  We cooperate closely with the manufacturing suppliers, and one of our key Account Managers will be in contact with them regarding your inquiry.

Technical Support

The technical support provided comes directly from the source, in several different languages. Our suppliers are from all around the world, with the majority in Europe.

Price and Quality Guarantee

We offer original products from the manufacturer with fully supported price and quality.  Complete warranty coverage and direct contact to the manufacturer are also provided.

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